Top Septic Tank Pump Out Service in Perth

Is Not Just a Safety Risk

This weekend in Perth is in the news again with a huge fire that has destroyed part of the city. No one knows yet how much damage has been caused but Perth must do more to ensure its septic tanks.

As an area of Australia, Perth is well placed to take part in efforts that help control the volume of liquid waste it produces. Watering it down to a fraction of normal levels in septic tanks would be the most effective way to reduce septic tank pump-outs. While many other cities would be able to pay someone to water down the pond, Perth is under no obligation to do so and is unlikely to get some outside help.

But it does have a better option than watering it down

It can use a system that forces water out of the top and into the drain below through the skin of the tank. As the water flows, it forces the contents of the pond down the drain.

The water, that is, until it reaches the bottom of the tank, is effectively wasted by the system. Since there is no way for any amount of liquid waste to be produced, the material will simply run down the drain.

Firefighters say that they found the fire started on the floor of the concrete structure at the bottom of the pond where the liquid waste was collected. The tank drains are underground and so would not be affected by the fire or by any additional vapors from it. Only the tank’s drains at the top of the structure, however, were damaged.

Once the building’s walls were saved from collapse, firemen were able to protect the septic tank pump-outs in the ground below the building. They used several inches of concrete and high explosives to crack through the cement walls and reach the pump-outs. When they broke through, the pumps started working to divert the liquid waste from the uppermost part of the tank.

Most of the pumps stopped functioning, however, after the explosive charges were dropped to make sure the water coming out of the septic tank pump-outs would be diverted away from the area and towards the drain holes. A big problem was solved, albeit temporarily, but this is just one example of the types of problems Perth could face if it failed to tackle septic problems.

Another is the problem of leaking from leaking septic tank pump-outs

If you think about it, why is it that there is no way for the water coming out of the septic tank to get to the drain holes?

Why does it exist at all? If a pond is so perfect that there is no way for the water to go anywhere else, why does the solid waste have to be placed in it? And, why is it possible to make the liquid waste run down the drain holes, even when there is no water in the pump-outs?

If the septic tank pump-outs are leaking, there is no way for the septic material to get to the bottom of the drainage holes. It would simply run straight down the drain hole in Perth, right through the system and into the soil below. Since so much septic material is composed of clay, it would clog up the pipes and cause huge flooding in Perth.

Septic tanks are not just a safety risk for residents of Perth; they are also a health risk. They can be too full, resulting in a build-up of rubbish and sewage. They can be broken, leaking, and when this happens, the liquid waste is a health hazard.

These problems can be solved for the best by following the advice of council engineers, who are more likely to choose the method of filling the septic tank rather than trying to save money by closing it down. It is more cost-effective to keep it open. Looking for the  septic tank pump-out service in Perth? Check this site out.

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